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With a few clicks of a mouse, customers obtain instant, reliable discounted rates, service levels and transit times from over 80 carriers.

From a desktop, laptop or wireless connection, enjoy the benefits of easily selecting a quality carrier that meets your immediate transportation requirements. Within seconds, process a request for a quote and receive a response in real time.  Easily select the carrier, the price, and the service that meets your business requirements and quickly process your shipments online. Shipments are automatically dispatched as per you shipping instructions.

Quickly process US Domestic, Canada Domestic, Trans-border LTL and International small package courier shipments.

Customers also enjoy the visibility of a detailed price breakdown including all accessorial fees, fuel, insurance and carrier terminal information.

Shipments are automatically dispatched online as per the shipping instructions provided.

Customers have the option to print the shipping documents and apply them to the shipment or email the shipping documents to the contact at the actual point of origin.  You can create a commercial invoice when required and store and access product descriptions, unit values, Tariff classification and Customs Broker Information.

Once a shipment is in transit, customers gain access to real time tracking information without having to spend time searching various carrier sites.  Enjoy the visibility of a detailed price breakdown including all accessorial fees, fuel, insurance and terminal information

Customers can retrieve customized management reports utilized for transportation analysis providing visibilities to current transportation spend patterns and future decision-making.

Our customer care program will monitor your shipments from end to end and answer any questions you may have regarding any short term or long term transportation requirements, including shipment specifics or transportation spend and strategic review.

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